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Best Natural Supplements for Daily Intake


Not everyone is able to eat the right healthy foods ideal for the body on a daily basis. Despite the lessons learned in school and reminders from the experts, it’s a fact that one does not get the complete nutrients he or she needs every day of his life.

Fortunately, there are supplements that provide the vitamins and minerals people need. What’s important is you choose those containing natural ingredients and not those made from synthetic or the not-so-natural ingredients.


Natural supplements are most ideal being made from the powdered and capsuled form of vegetables and other ingredients available in nature. As such, they are safe and healthy.

Here are some you can add to your daily diet to ensure you get the proper nutrients to your body.


Calcium is vital for the bones and the older folks can take advantage of this to ensure their bones remain strong as they grow older. Taking the natural supplements are best suited for those with lactose intolerance.

Fish oil

Eating oily fish on a daily basis provides the Omega 3 fatty acids people need. Omega 3 helps lower bad cholesterol, reduces joint pain related to arthritis as well as inflammation linked to asthma among the many health benefits.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be sourced from the sun’s natural light (but only in the early morning) but if you don’t get enough of this every day, you can always take the natural supplement. This particular vitamin is helpful in reducing the occurrence of insomnia and also helps people from feeling blue.


Some of you may not like eating raw garlic so your best option is taking the natural supplement whether in the form of oil or powdered type. Unknown to some, garlic is great for every part of the body including the heart and brain.


Not many people know the vital role played by magnesium in the body. It actually helps normalize blood pressure, keeps the heart rhythm steady and makes the bones strong. Thankfully, this mineral can now be obtained from natural supplements.


Cinnamon may be a popular ingredient in making bread and pastries but it is also vital in stabilizing the blood sugar. In fact, it can prevent type 2 diabetes and improve the immune system.

Green Tea

Green tea can be consumed daily in its natural form as a tea. It can prevent arthritis and even dementia.

You can purchase these natural supplements online or at physical stores for your personal use or as a gift to a family member or friend. Add in The Art of Shaving Strop and your male friend will surely thank you for it.

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