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Blueberries Good, Pizza Bad & the Five Second Rule Rocks


5-second-rule.jpgAccording to Dr. Mehmet Oz, you know, the guys who shows up on Oprah in his scrubs, blueberries are about the healthiest fruit around.  Which is why I guess they’ve risen in price substantially over the past years…

But it looks like, from the good doctor, that the only thing about pizza that has anything close to nutritional value is the sauce.  So much for my sauceless pizzas…

But there is a slit of light in the canopy, apparently the five second rule isn’t such a bad idea, as your mother probably would have you believe.  If you drop your delicious food on the ground, and it’s continually in your sights, the five second rule is a passable thing.

Who knew?  I’m calling my mom right now! 

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