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The worlds of burlesque and cake-making may seem miles apart but baker Charlotte White has combined the two with her cooking book Burlesque Baking.

Sally rand cupcakes

Sally rand cupcakes

London cake maker says her over-the-top cakes are all inspired by the decadent world of burlesque striptease.

“I absolutely love burlesque and I love cake decorating. My personal style of cake decorating is influenced by vintage eras, with an emphasis on the opulent. Burlesque is essentially retro glamour turned up to eleven – so this combination felt very natural.”

White has come up with 25 recipes with each cake inspired by and named after burlesque performers. So there are Sally Rand cupcakes, inspired by the vintage burlesque fan dancer of yesteryear, and an iced  sponge cake that honours the modern day superstar of burlesque – Dita Von Teese. The cakes blue icing is dotted with ‘rhinestones’  that resemble the pattern on Dita’s famous boned corset.

Dita Von Teese sponge

White contacted all the burlesque stars for permission to use their names and says, one star “got all misty-eyed. She said, ‘I’ve always wanted to be a cake!'”

“Burlesque is all about beauty, indulgence and decadence – and so are the cakes I create,” says White.

You can buy the book Burlesque Baking here.

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