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Christmas Party Food Ideas for Children



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For most households, Christmas preparations are being done primarily for the benefit of children’s enjoyment. Adults can reasonably be expected to celebrate without much preparation if they choose to. Having kids in the house however, provide more reasons to go that extra mile especially in food preparation to make the occasion more festive and exciting. Here are some ideas:

reindeer cupcakes

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Reindeer Cupcakes

This recipe starts with the preparation of the cupcakes. The highlight however lies in decorating the top of the cupcakes to resemble reindeer faces. Children can help make these. You will soon find out that cup cakes are the most flexible base which can easily accommodate all kinds of Christmas designs.

marshmallow treesRecipe Source

Marshmallow Trees

What can be more “christmassy” than this? Marshmallows are also very acceptable to children especially when presented this way. Desiccated coconut give these marshmallow trees an interesting twist for the kids taste.


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Christmas Cake Pops

These attractive pops are actually made from crumbled Christmas cake shaped into balls. This is definitely a good idea to allow children to be creative by making their own designs for each cake pop. Every member of the family can be part of the food preparation.

christmas tree pizzaRecipe Source

Christmas Tree Pizza

Not every food for children has to be sweet. A Christmas Tree Pizza will provide just the right balance and option. Toppings can easily be adjusted to better suit children’s taste.


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Wrap-and-Stack Sandwich Trees

This is another healthy alternative from all those calorie-rich holiday food. It does not only look good enough to attract children but is definitely good for them as well. Substitute ingredients as you deem necessary and come up with your own recipes.

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