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The Cookbook Every Mom Must Have: Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids


Every mom – or anyone who has had to take care of kids – will agree that there are times when nothing is good enough when it comes to food. One has to be rather creative – and patient – especially during periods when a child doesn’t feel like eating at all.

We’ve all had that…

But mom, I only want hotdogs!

I don’t want to eat anything but ice cream today.

I am sure you have heard all the possible variations of those from your kids, and I am even more sure that you want to give them healthy food.

Here’s where this new cookbook comes into the picture.

Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids is a cookbook compiled by moms for moms who want to ensure that they’re meeting their children’s nutritional needs while at the same time avoiding frustration that can lead to God knows what.

The cookbook is full of recipes that are easy to make AND healthy, too. Even more importantly, the recipes are tailored to tease those tiny tastebuds that can be ever so picky.

Additionally, Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids gives moms a helping hand in learning about healthy food items and ingredients, without having to go through all sorts of marketing drivel. Aside from the recipes, the book also includes sections such as:

  • A Start & Stop List of what you can do right now to make healthier food choices for the whole family.
  • A Checklist to take with you on your next trip to the supermarket.
  • Mom Tips! Our tried and tested advice on every recipe for the best success.

Here’s an even better plus: anyone can make use of this cookbook. While it’s geared towards feeding kids, even adults will enjoy the food. To be honest, I am expanding my own repertoire in the kitchen using the cookbook, and well, not to brag, but let’s say there are happy (adult) tummies all around.

Learn more about Healthy Cooking for Happy Kids, and check out recipes from their blog. You can also order your copy here.

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