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Food Styling: Food and Photography in a Blog


I don’t know with ¬†you but for me the main thing that could easily capture my attention in a food blog is the image or images used with the article. There is something so half-baked (pun intended) about describing food and the dining experience without any visual material to look at. With the proliferation of food bloggers nowadays, exceptional food styling may just be the thing that can set them apart from the rest.

What is Food Styling?

Food styling is the art of preparing food to appear attractive. Food photographs are usually intended to be inviting, appealing, and encouraging viewers to taste or try the food being presented. We often see food styling at work in glossy magazines promoting food of restaurants and food manufacturers.

In the online world, reputable food bloggers are the ones commonly seen making use of food styling expertise whether on their own or a professional food stylist. It is very easy to appreciate the advantage offered by food styling. Just look into a blog portal of food blogs and compare several and I’m sure you can easily judge for yourself which among them commands the most attention, all other things being equal.

Things to Consider in Food Styling

Skill and expertise in food styling can be learned either through formal lessons or experience. It is highly recommended though that those who intend to make commercial use of such skill have the benefit of basic and even advanced photography lessons.

Food photography has long ceased to be a point-and-shoot activity. Food photographers have discovered that they can obtain better results with the use of lighting, angles, and props. It would be up to the judgment of food stylists whether to opt for simplicity or go all out usually guided by the desired end perception of the food.

Interesting Food Photography Blogs to Look Into

Cookie and Kate


White on Rice Couple


Joy the Baker


So if you are seriously considering having a go at a successful food blog, learn food styling and food photography. Develop your own style in food presentation. Look into the successful ones but always aim to create something fresh and distinct.

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