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How to Cook Rice Perfectly


Rice is a staple food in many places all over the world. It appears simple enough to cook but very few are able to cook it to perfection. It is always important to know how to do this since even using a rice cooker will not be an assurance of producing perfectly cooked rice.

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Basic Steps in Cooking Rice

There are at least four basic steps in cooking rice:

1. Measure the uncooked rice that will fit in the pot to be used.

Rice cookers usually have measuring cups that come with them when they are bought. They also indicate the number of maximum cups that can fit in the cooker. When using regular cooking pots, you can use an ordinary cup to measure so as just to have a more accurate measurement as to the number of cups used. It has to be noted that cooked rice occupies more space than uncooked rice so there must be enough space left for the rice to rise.

2. Wash the uncooked rice

The number of times to wash the uncooked rice would depend on the state in which it was bought. Those that are bought in supermarkets and specialty stores that are packed sealed usually would require a single washing. Those that are bought with visible particles that need to be removed like rice husks and small stones need to be washed more.

3. Measure the water

The amount of water required for cooking rice will vary depending on the variant. Some will require more water while others will require less. If the information is not provided in the packaging, trial and error may be a necessary process.

4. Allow to rest

Rice is not yet considered cooked after the water has boiled or disappeared. The rice would need some time to rest  or be allowed to stay in the pot for several minutes before it is served.


1. The best quality of uncooked rice will produce the best results. Best is not necessarily tied up to cost thus the most expensive will not automatically mean the best tasting rice.

2. Pandan leaves can be placed on top of the rice just before it is cooked for fragrance.

3. Leftover white rice can be recycled into fried rice added with choice meat and vegetables.

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