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How to Cook the Perfect Christmas Ham


The Christmas Ham is for Christmas in the same manner that Thanksgiving Turkey is for Thanksgiving. They both belong on the dining table on that specific occasion each is associated with. Not very many people are aware that they can actually make their own Christmas Ham right in the comfort of their own home kitchen.


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We all know the drill. Use the best and most suitable ingredients required for the recipe and you’re only remaining problem will be how to follow the cooking steps right. Otherwise, it’s all downhill from the very start. For a Christmas Ham, the main ingredient is a whole pork leg.

Cure It

There are basically two choices here. It is either to cure fresh pork when there is still plenty of time or to use a gammon which is essentially a piece cut from a ready- cured leg. The ready-cured pork is no way cooked yet but it does do away with one step.

Cook It

We have many choices for this . Whether we use a traditional family recipe or something we got online, the important thing is that the recipe chosen is something that can be appreciated by the family or the group that will partake of it. We can actually do some experimenting with the spices and flavors. The usual methods for cooking ham is baking and poaching. The choice of cooking liquid will of course affect the results. Some of the more common choices include orange juice, wine, cider, and cola. The traditional cure black ham makes use of water, molasses, and pickling spices.

Glaze It

Glazing the ham is a very important step since it affects both the taste and the appearance. As we can see in pictures of traditional Christmas hams, they are supposed to look rich and oozing with sticky goodness on the exterior. Many prefer to use French mustard and brown sugar,and  jelly or marmalade, among others.

Garnish It

Everyone wants to see a festive-looking ham on the table, right? By garnishing the ham with the right good items, we can be sure that we can make our hams as “christmassy” as it can ever get. Pineapple, cherries, apricots, olives, prunes, lemon, and ginger can both add flavor and color to the finished product. After all, it is a time to showcase our efforts for making our own Christmas Ham.



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