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Lucky Food to Serve for New Year


Everyone can use some luck for the incoming new year right? It wouldn’t hurt therefore to consider serving food considered to be lucky for the New Year‘s feast. It is of special interest to know that most of the so-called lucky food are healthy as well. It might be sensible food for thought to consider that if luck doesn’t come as we expect it, then we’re lucky enough ending up healthier after eating them for the whole year.

Here are some:

Round Fruits

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Round fruits are primarily believed to be lucky because of their shape which is associated with money specifically coins. Chinese traditions recommend having 12 kinds of round fruits to represent every month of the new year. It might be a little challenging to complete the 12 fruit variants so others opt to have 12 pieces of one kind of round fruit.



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Fish signifies abundance in the Chinese tradition because they swim in schools or in groups. Tradition dictates that the fish head is served intact to ensure a good year. Fish has long been known as a healthy alternative to animal meat.



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Noodles represent long life. This is also the reason why it is often served in birthday celebrations. During cooking, care has to be taken not to break the noodles.

Green Veggies

green veggies

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Green veggies takes its association of abundance from its color which is close to the color of paper cash. Not only are these vegetables lucky, they are also very healthy for the human body. In a sense, people gets the advantage any which way as they continue to be healthy with their continued consumption of green vegetables.

Corn Bread

cornbreadImage Source

Corn bread is said to be lucky because its color resembles that of gold. The addition of corn kernels add more luck as they are said to represent gold nuggets.

Other food that are considered lucky as well include pork, pomegranate, lentils, black-eyed peas, and beans. Some New Year revelers will just prepare anything round such as cake to abide by the lucky theme. Come to think of it, we are lucky enough to have our family together eating on this special day whatever food we manage to prepare for the occasion.


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