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Stress-Free Christmas Cooking


The Christmas season is stressful enough as it is to attempt to be ambitious with Christmas cooking. The stress people experience during the holidays is primarily self-inflicted largely due to attempts to capture that perfect picture of Christmas. The last time I checked there is no such thing as perfect so rather than stress one’s self unnecessarily, why don’t we all decide to enjoy the season starting with stress-free Christmas cooking.

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So how is stress-free Christmas cooking done any way? Here are possible ways to go about it:

Do Not Attempt to Try a New Method of Cooking

The time for preparing the most important Christmas meal is not the time to experiment on new styles of cooking. It is too risky and much too stressful when something goes wrong that will result to no food served for the occasion. Trials and experimentation are best done way in advance. This way, failure will not cause monumental holiday stress. Even trying a new recipe at the very day it is expected to be served is too much of a cliffhanger for comfort unless one is a professional cook who can do wonders with all unexpected bloopers.

Do Not Take On a Magnitude that is Beyond Manageable

Each one of us has our own way of handling things that we can term as manageable. The cooking responsibility that we should be accepting is that which we are confident enough to commit. The bigger the task, the bigger the responsibility. We may be capable of cooking for own family only while others can feed a whole battalion with ease. We just need to determine where we stand.

Do Not Forget the Essentials

Ample preparation is always the key to stress-free Christmas cooking. With an occasion that cannot be moved, cooks should determine the things needed in advance. This would pertain to having the required equipment, ingredients, working space, and personnel for bigger tasks. At this time, planning should have started by now if not yesterday. It goes without saying that menu planning must be done earlier.

Make a List and Use It

Lists make life a lot easier. One must not rely on memory alone especially for Christmas planning and cooking. When there are so many things being done at the same time, a comprehensive and clear list is always an ally.




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