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Three Chocolate Cake Recipes to Die For


Ahh, who doesn’t like chocolate cake? This is probably one of the cake types which has the most recipe variations. What’s not to love about chocolate anyway?

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The Unending Romance with Chocolate

No food is associated more with love than chocolate and one of its sweetest presentations is the chocolate cake. Rich, luscious chocolate frosting usually comes on equally rich chocolate cake. Many families have produced their own recipes through time while many rely on various recipes found in cookbooks, shared by friends, and found on the Internet.

The chocolate cake is probably one food item that can be appreciated by all except of course by those are avert to chocolate or cake. Never the less, it is considered a universally appealing snack or dessert. Here are three chocolate cake variations to consider.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake


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It is said that if one decides do anything new, it is best to start with the simplest to ensure more chances of success. This Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake indeed follows the traditional and simplest way of doing it. By mixing all cake ingredients, placing the batter in prepared lined pans, and making the icing on the side, no specific expertise is required to enjoy the finished product.

Hershey’s  “Perfectly Chocolate” Chocolate Cake

HERSHEYS PERFECTLY CHOCOLATE Chocolate Cake_94034_184_13_en-US_LargeRecipe Source

Coming from a brand known for chocolate, this recipe is pretty interesting. This recipe is recommended for beginners as it requires minimal preparation work and time. Part of enjoying chocolate cake is the ease of doing it.

It also requires mixing all the cake ingredients and then baking the prepared batter in pans. It provides for suggestions in various chocolate cake presentations such as one-pan cake, three layer cake, bundt cake, and cupcake as the same recipe can be used for all these. The chocolate frosting completes the flavor and the presentation while decorations are welcome additions.

Easy Chocolate Cake

kids_chocolatecake_xlRecipe Source

Martha Stewart dishes out an easy-to-prepare chocolate cake. Making it is compared to the thrill of a birthday boy or girl blowing the candles of a birthday cake. Chocolate cake is a usual choice for kids’ parties as most kids appreciate it and are really excited about it.

This recipe offers some variations with the ingredients of the two mentioned above but essentially following the same procedure. The simplest chocolate cake when prepared with love always come out the sweetest in thought and taste. These three recipes are definitely “to die for”.

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