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Turkish Cuisine: 5 Famous Dishes


The traveling experience to a foreign land will never be complete without the food experience. In visiting Turkey, one can choose to maximize the excitement and discovery by going on a yacht cruise while making sure that you and your entourage get to sample authentic Turkish cuisine while on board. One such cruise being offered is via a 17 meter long fly-bridge motor yacht known as Zoe Yacht which can accommodate up to 12 guests. If you have the chance to try this cruise and are given the choice of food you want prepared for you, keep these 5 famous dishes in mind.

The Turkish cuisine is largely influenced by the Ottoman Cuisine. It is not quite clear where the latter originated from but what is clear though is that the cuisines identified with the Ottoman Empire was refined and unified in Imperial Istanbul. The Turkish cuisine as it is today can be described as a fusion of various cuisines including Central Asian, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Balkan, and Mediterranean.


Menemen is one of the more popular breakfast dishes in Turkey. It is actually a very simple dish made with eggs, onion, tomato, green pepper, and spices like ground blackĀ and redĀ pepper, salt, oregano, and mint. The eggs are scrambled and cooked with olive oil or sunflower oil. Some choose to add Turkish meat products although it is considered straying from the traditional recipe. It is traditionally served with bread.


Koftas are basically balls of minced or ground beef or lamb meat and are often referred to as Turkish meatballs. There are more than 290 known kinds of kofta in Turkey. This dish is likewise popular in other countries such as India and the Arab countries.

Yogurt Corbasi

Most Turkish meals starts with soup. One of the more popular is the Yogurt Corbasi, also known as yayla corbasi. It is basically a yogurt soup cooked with various herbs such as mint, spinach, and parsley. Soup used to serve as the default morning meal of Turkish people before its current breakfast fare became popular.

Turkish Pilaf or Pilav

Pilaf or pilav is mainstay of Turkish meals, whether for special occasions or everyday meals. Good pilaf will only result with the use of good quality rice. It can be eaten as a single main dish or served with meat or greens.


Baklava is probably the most popular Turkish dessert. It is a sweet pastry consisting of several layers of filo and chopped nuts. The sweetness is provided by the syrup or honey that also holds the layers together.


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